The Diva Outreach (TheDO) : Doing Good to Community : Initiated by Keldamuzik.

The Diva Outreach is an influential concept created by Keldamuzik. She extends herself to community causes, from music performances, public speaking, participating in activities and many other projects that involve helping people on a global scale. The purpose of creating The Diva Outreach is to highlight the issues that we face in society on an everyday basis, and to not only address them verbally but to physically assist in bettering those difficulties. Kelda’s mission is to hold no barbs in extending her support to organizations and promoting wellness and good living to the community in anyway that she can.

Our Vision

  • To participate in various community oriented activities
  • To empower people through arts, entertainment, education, and social entrepreneurship
  • To inspire and mentor those involved in community initiatives
  • To help disadvantaged and underprivileged youth channeled negative behavior into positive vibes through public speaking
  • To collaborate with sponsors and major brands to push awareness on worldly causes

Our Mission

To support community organizations of all causes from, social and youth issues, domestic violence, drugs, family troubles, and any other programs or activities that pertain to improving society and addressing changes. Kelda prides herself in supporting others and even creating awareness around matters. Therefore, she extends her assistance through her artistry and physical presence to solve community problems. Based on her personal background that you’ve read, Kelda is flexible and fluctuates her availability to participate in campaigns to help others rise above.

Our Reach

Although Keldamuzik is located in Bay Area California, The Diva Outreach is on a global scale. Kelda wants to extend herself and positive vibes throughout different cities, states, countries, regions, cultures, and different ethnic backgrounds. Kelda’s background touring internationally as even helped her understand that no matter where you’re located, help and concern is always needed.

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