Who we are?

The Diva Outreach is an influential concept created by Keldamuzik.

She extends herself to community causes, from music performances, public speaking, participating in activities and many other projects that involve helping people on a global scale.

The purpose of creating The Diva Outreach is to highlight the issues that we face in society on an everyday basis, and to not only address them verbally but to physically assist in bettering those difficulties.

Kelda’s mission is to hold no barbs in extending her support to organizations and promoting wellness and good living to the community in anyway that she can.

Who is Kelda?

Born and raised in San Jose California, Kelda Williams has ventured through life coming into her own as a woman.

Kelda’s parents, who are still together, struggled with finances, long distance commutes to work, and pay cuts from their job, to keep food on the table and a roof over their head.

With lack of parenting surrounded by her because of their double shift hours, Kelda and her brother were held in many other people’s care, such as babysitters, daycare centers and close friends of the family who would watch over them day in and day out.

This resulted in less nourishment in Kelda’s life and social ability. She was unable to grow and receive guidance and direction to sustain a preferred childhood. 

Kelda then headed down a negative path, from getting numerous suspensions in school, detentions, tardiness, and never thought homework was a necessity.

Her demeanor was all about being the “cool” kid in school and getting into trouble to make her “popular”.

She truly had life misconstrued and her parents including her grandparents didn’t know what to do with her anymore. There was just no way of stopping the behavior that she conducted when she wasn’t being watched after.

Kelda always had a passion to become a performing artist, whether it was a singer, model or actress. When her mother had time, she would take her on auditions and sign her up for acting classes.

This was the only way for Kelda to release aggression and to keep her out of trouble.

Later, a wakeup call hit Kelda, by not almost graduating middle school and barely making it into high school; Kelda changed her life around instantly. She couldn’t bear to see all of those kids that she tried to fit in with, move up and progress while she stalled in her personal development.

The friends that she thought she had didn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore. It was almost like she was being used and looked down upon when she didn’t excel like everyone else.

Transitioning her path, Kelda went to high school, graduated and ended up attending the University of San Francisco.

She then, started to work her way into the corporate world.

Her first job was working for CBS Network, and then she eventually moved on to work for Google as a business development rep.

Since her younger days, Kelda always knew that her passion was for performing arts, so she re-established herself in the entertainment industry and promptly moved mountains in that arena.

Kelda started to produce and record music, write scripts, develop other talent and rapidly became a successful entertainer domestically and internationally. She started touring and show-casing her talents in several countries including Japan and the Caribbean.

She obtained a music licensing opportunity through Sony Entertainment, Viacom and much more. Her success has opened many doors for her as she started to produce and star in her own independent films, and even developed her very own TV talk show, “Diva Talk Tonite”.
She also operates all of her business ventures under her own company called “Digz Media Group”. Nonetheless, Kelda has managed to run her own business and maintain her talents as a professional entrepreneur.